The best solution

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The Waimea Community Dam is more than just a water augmentation scheme, as it integrates both rural and urban water supplies. Everyone will use the same water, stored in the same place, and the reservoir will also top-up the river flow to keep the river healthy.

Access to water affects every person in Nelson Tasman. The Dam provides access to water for 100 years for residential, industrial and commercial needs across the region.

The Waimea Community Dam:

  • Is the most cost-effective solution for ratepayers and funders
  • Has the lowest capital cost for ratepayers
  • Has the lowest overall risk of any alternative
  • Has the highest compliance of any alternative
  • Already holds all the necessary resource and other legal consents required for such a structure
  • Meets the Waimea River’s health requirements for minimum flow
  • Is the only solution that is not 100% Council funded