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The Waimea Community Dam proposal has reached some key milestones recently.

These include:

  • Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL) achieving a commitment from Waimea Plains landowners for purchasing more than 3,000 shares in the Dam.
  • Tasman District and Nelson City Councils consulting with their communities about the Waimea Community Dam as part of their respective long-term plan processes.
  • Tasman District Council and WIL selecting a preferred contractor, kick-starting the Early Contractor Involvement process.
Irrigators make funding commitment

In the initial public offering of Waimea Irrigators Limited, Waimea Plains landowners applied for more than 3,000 water shares – raising $16.5 million of equity. This commitment has given the Waimea Community Dam even more certainty, allowing WIL to access low-cost debt funding through Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (CIIL), which makes their total contribution to the project $38.6 million.

Following this milestone, in April 2018 the Government confirmed its funding commitment through CIIL to the Dam Project. Find out more on the WIL website.

Local authorities consult on the Dam

Both Tasman District and Nelson City Council have consulted with their communities about funding the Waimea Community Dam as part of the long-term planning process. Deliberations were completed in April 2018, and public hearings, where individuals and groups speak to their submissions, are underway in May 2018. Final decisions are expected in June 2018.

Early Contractor Involvement to identify dam price kicks off

In December 2017, Tasman District Council and WIL selected a preferred contractor – Fulton Hogan and Taylors Contracting – to enter the Early Contractor Involvement process. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) brings the client, designer and contractor together to complete the final design with a focus on constructability and risk minimisation, to achieve the best value for money for the investment.

Find out more here. 

Next steps for the Dam

There are several remaining steps in the process before the Waimea Community Dam project can proceed. Both Tasman District and Nelson City Councils need to finalise their long term plans by the end of June, which include proposed funding for the Dam. Also, the Early Contractor Involvement process needs to determine an updated and final project estimate by around the middle of the year.