Regional economic prosperity

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Regional economic prosperity

The Waimea Plains holds some of the most fertile productive land in the South Island, producing fruit, vegetables and boutique crops such as hops and grapes. It is of national strategic importance and its loss of productive capacity would be significant.

The Dam is expected to bring growth in higher value crops and, therefore, increased economic activity and value to everyone who lives in the region.

Waimea plains

Unlike many other areas of New Zealand, the Waimea Plains are not dairy intensive and the Dam is the only large irrigation project that is not dairy-focused. Rather, the Dam will use nature’s infrastructure to keep the river healthy and recharge the aquifers that irrigate our high value crops. The project is a strong contributor to the regional economy and the health of the river without causing negative side effects generally associated with other irrigation projects.

Nelson Tasman businesses need water security to keep and grow their workforce and plan business growth. Without it, many small and medium businesses in the region will be forced to reduce operations or close down and the jobs they provide will be lost. Summer water rationing and reduced water allocations will affect all business on the Plains and dramatically affect the regional economy today and in the future.

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