TDC says yes to water for 100 years

28 June 2018

Richmond, Mapua, Brightwater, and Wakefield residents and businesses will have access to water year-round with the Tasman District Council’s continued commitment today to fund the construction of the Waimea Community Dam.

Securing a supply of water for urban residents and key horticultural businesses in communities on the Waimea Plains for the next 100 years was part of the Council’s Long Term Plan 2018/28 and nearly 500 people submitted and 100 presented to Council during the consultation process.

TDC’s decision gives added momentum to the project which has seen the confirmation of financial support by Nelson City Council last week with the approval of its own Long Term Plan, the confirmation in April by the Government of its financial support through Crown Irrigation Investments Limited, and the confirmation of the capital contribution by Waimea Irrigators Limited in May.

Waimea Water’s Project Director Andy Nelson says that even with the short delay caused by Department of Conservation land negotiations that have led to the introduction of a Local Bill, the project team has been meeting targets and proceeding toward breaking ground.

“The majority of the work has been completed in advance of starting construction. We will be able to work to the land negotiations timeline now in front of us with the Local Bill and we’ll definitely be gearing up to go when the Bill passes and the final piece of the puzzle is in place.”

The last work streams that remain apart from land negotiations are finalising the setup of the CCO that will govern the construction and operation of the Dam, finalising contracts to build, and determining the final tender price, which is expected within the next few weeks.

Waimea Water is the proposed joint venture entity to be equally owned by Tasman District Council and Waimea Irrigators Ltd to oversee and manage the Waimea Community Dam’s construction and operation.