To rock or not? – WAIMEA WEEKLY

The Waimea Community Dam is being built, and last week Waimea Weekly published mayoral candidate Maxwell Clark’s argument about it.

‘Two drilling companies have been drilling on separate occasions for six weeks each. They have been unable to locate bedrock to anchor the dam’s structure to. All they have found is fractured, rotten greywacke country and granite sand,” said Maxwell’s comment.  However the dam CEO has a different perspective.

“Work on the dam is going well. We are about where we expected to be at this time,” says CEO of Waimea Water, Mike Scott. “The good news is we’ve cleared much of the overburden and we are down to good quality rock. Albeit early days, the rock is in line with what we expected from the bore logs, and even better than expected in some places. We are pretty happy with the rock that we are so far clearing and working with,” says Mike.

Photo caption: LHS abutment being prepared, and the overburden has been removed back to good quality rock at the bottom of the abutment.