Waimea Water Ltd is working to recover time on the dam construction schedule

Waimea Water Ltd CEO Mike Scott says the company is working closely with the dam contractor on how the contractor might gain back time on the construction schedule, so that the dam can be built as swiftly and cost effectively as possible.

“It is well known that geological issues and Covid-19 have caused delays and additional costs,” says Scott. “Waimea Water is working closely with the contractor to manage these delays and costs to protect the interests of the company and the project’s stakeholders.”

Mike Scott acknowledged that the company, the contractor, and the project’s independent engineer have been working to address the delays and additional costs over the past few months. However, noting confidentiality requirements in the construction contract, it would not be appropriate to go into details other than to say “we have agreed with the contractor that there have been some delays beyond its control and we are discussing initiatives to recover lost time.”

Mike Scott says the company and the contractor are collaborating on a programme to complete the dam shortly after the 2021/2022 summer and commence filling the reservoir in April 2022, consistent with project updates since the Covid-19 shutdown.