Waimea Community Dam to resume construction in Level 4

Waimea Water Ltd CEO Mike Scott said MBIE has authorised the construction of the Waimea Community Dam to resume during Level 4. Scott said works at the site would re-commence on Monday 23rd August.

MBIE has approved the project to commence work under the “COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) Order (No 9) 2021, number 11 under Schedule 2, which outlines that during Alert Level 4 building, construction and maintenance services can proceed if they are required for 1 or both of the following: to address immediate risks to health and safety or is nationally important infrastructure. In this item nationally important infrastructure means infrastructure that enables or supports supply chains that are needed for 1 or both of the following: to provide for the current needs of people and communities or to enable or support the recovery of the whole or any part of New Zealand from the effects of COVID-19.”

“This approval to move ahead is good news for the project, as we are at a critical stage of construction that requires progress to manage risk. We are in a period during construction when there is limited capacity for flood passage and water is impounded if floods occur. Risk reduces with height and progress, and our activities during Level 4 are directed to lowering this risk,” Scott said. “The Contractor is preparing plans with the intention to start again Monday in a controlled and gradual manner and, of course, in strict accordance with Level-4 operational protocols. These protocols are an enhancement to those under Level-3, which we have operated under before, and similar to those used by other industries, such as the horticulture industry and pack-houses during level-4.”

“WWL oversees our contractors to ensure their systems and performance meets WWL’s requirements and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Similarly, we will ensure compliance with the Level 4 COVID-19 control plan. Health and safety of the construction team and community is paramount.”