Board of Directors

The Waimea Water Ltd (WWL) Board is committed to a high standard of corporate governance and regulatory compliance in guiding and monitoring WWL’s activities.

The Board will carry out its accounting, reporting, risk management and decision-making responsibilities in accordance with legislation and the directors will comply with their obligations under the Companies Act 1993, the Local Government Act 2002 and other relevant legislation. Board performance is evaluated on an annual basis.

Directors are appointed for a period of four year. The Board has seven highly experienced directors appointed by shareholders and Iwi: Tasman District Council (4); Waimea Irrigators Ltd (2) and Ngāti Koata (1).

The WWL Board is supported by four committees that consist of subgroups of directors and staff. The Committees provide governance and assurance across audit and risk; human resources; design and construction and sustainability and communities.

David Wright


Tasman District Council and Chair Human Resources and Compensation

David is a company director, management consultant and former chief executive.  His current directorships include Chair of Wellington Water Limited and a Director of the Waikato District Council Waters Governance Board, council owned organisations providing drinking water, storm water and waste-water services.

David was previously employed as acting chief executive of Palmerston North City Council.

Doug Hattersley


Tasman District Council and Chair Design and Construction Committee

Doug has over 45 years engineering and project management experience on large infrastructure projects in USA, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia.

He is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Chartered Professional Engineer and has a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil) degree from the University of Canterbury.  Doug is currently a consultant for renewable energy and infrastructure companies on technical and contractual issues relating to design and construction.

Julian Raine


Waimea Irrigators Ltd and Chair Sustainability and Communities Committee

Julian’s career background is in agriculture and horticulture and he is actively involved in a wide range of largely export focussed businesses both regionally and nationally.  He has been a director on the Cawthron Institute board, director and deputy chair on Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and chairman of Sirtrack, Landcare’s largest subsidiary.  Julian is also the chair and founding shareholder of Wai-West Horticulture.

Julian was involved in both the Waimea Water Augmentation and the Waimea Community Dam committees, and is currently a director and shareholder of Waimea Irrigators Ltd.

Bruno Simpson


Waimea Irrigators Ltd and Chair Audit and Risk Committee

Bruno is the Director – Sales, Finance and Administration at Waimea Group and Chairman of the International New Varieties Network, a US based company with interests in Intellectual Property management and development in fruit crops around the world.

He has been actively involved in Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL) and is also a director of Century Water Ltd, the other major funder of WIL.

Ken Smales


Tasman District Council

Ken has nearly 50 years of engineering experience in all aspects of dam building,
including design, consents, construction, operation, safety, hydro power generation and irrigation.

He was involved in the Central Plains Irrigation Project in Canterbury worth $450 million for five years and has also been the deputy chairman of DamWatch for 10 years and a director of Southern Generation Australia and their subsidiary company Meridian.

Andrew Spittal


Ngāti Koata

Andrew is a Director and Shareholder in a national company and several local companies.

He has a vast range of commercial experience in the civil construction industry with over 25 years in the field, including transforming a residential drainage business into one of Nelson’s largest drainage and water reticulation specialists. Andrew represents the interests of Ngāti Koata as their nominated Board Director.

Margaret Devlin


Tasman District Council

Margaret is a professional director with extensive experience in governance and executive management primarily in the water and infrastructure sectors in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She has served as a director for a range of entities with a particular focus on audit and risk. She is currently chair of Watercare Services Limited, Lyttelton Port Company Limited, the Women in Infrastructure Network, and Hospice Waikato.

She has directorships with Meteorological Services of NZ Limited, Waikato Regional Airport, Titanium Park, IT Partners Group, Aurora Energy, and Infrastructure New Zealand. She is also the Independent Chair, Waikato District Council Audit and Risk Committee, Councillor at Waikato University, Deputy Chair of WINTEC and a Member of the Institute of Directors Waikato Branch Committee.