April 2021

Placing the first hand-formed kerb.

Slipform trial for spillway vertical wall.

General overview from top of spillway.

Foundation treatment (spraying shotcrete) in upstream Right hand abutment.

Spillway overview, showing defect (shear zone) in flipbucket foundation.

Slipforming trial for spillway chute or floor.

View of Right hand plinth progress.

Placing concrete face kerb. Photo on the left shows the two intake pipe with concrete encasement.

Placing incline 2B behind the kerb.

Placing incline 2B layer behind the kerb.

General overview, showing progress on Reinforced rockfill face and spillway.

General overview of embankment filling. Excavating some non-conformed 3P drainage material in upstream third embankment.

Placing concrete face kerb layer 7.

Levelling and shaping the kerb after placing.

Placing reinforcing on Reinforced rockfill face.

Placing reinforcing on Reinforced rockfill face.

Right hand side downstream anchor slab is completed.

Right hand plinth progress.

View from upstream.

Top of Spillway excavation progress.