Build February 2020

February 2020

Aerial view of the left-hand side plinth construction including foundation treatment

Aerial view of the outlet culvert and right-hand abutment. Slope stabilisation works including shotcreting underway in the top right of the photo.

Aerial view of the outlet conduit – steel tying, formwork and concreting in progress. Area in pink is the thermal used to help with temperature control during concrete curing.

Second upstream Bridge from pig flat to LH Abutment

Overview of the conduit cut

Steel fixing for Conduit Cut Section 6 depression

Section 8 Conduit roof reinforcing steel

Mesh and drain fixing on RHS Abutment carpark

Concrete pour in LHS Plinth depression cut

Overview of the Conduit Cut works

LHS defect treatment after concrete pour

LHS defect prior to concrete pour

Installing concrete wedge and boxing at LHS Plinth depression cut

Conduit overview

Concrete pour in section 15 foundation

Concrete pour in Section 12 roof & wall

Building access track and slope above conduit inlet

Steel fixing & reinforcing for Section 7 floor