Build November 2019

November 2019

Culvert site concrete: Pour one complete.

Pouring concrete in the first section of the culvert.

Culvert site concrete pour 1: Shows construction of the blinding concrete in the cut for the culvert.

Site overview: Left hand plinth being constructed on left of photo; culvert blinding concrete being poured in the middle; and right hand abutment on the right with slope stabilisation on the very right hand side.

Right-hand abutment culvert cut 2.

Right-hand abutment culvert cut 1.

Pouring the first site concrete on the left-hand plinth.

Colluvium stabilisation mesh and beams.

Aerial view of right-hand abutment.

Foundation mapping by Geotechnical Engineer.

Pouring site concrete for LHS plinth.

Final clearing and cleaning of rock prior to concreting the first section of the plinth.

Aeriel view of RHS abutment.

Excavation of the culvert cut

Construction of diversion bund 1

LH plinth nearly ready for site concrete placement

Wire mesh to construct the rockfall fence