December 2020

Downstream face of the Reinforced Rockfill (tensioning and welding).

Downstream reinforced rockfill placement.

General overview of reinforced rockfill placement and spillway.

Left hand plinth advancing upwards (looking upstream).

Drilling, water testing and grouting on Left Hand Side Starter Dam.

General overview of reinforced rockfill and spillway progress (looking upstream).

Left Hand Plinth Progress (pouring concrete with concrete pump), looking downstream.

Overview of Reinforced Rockfill and Culvert (looking upstream).

Fyke netting below the WCD culvert.

Eels being transferred.

Fresh water cray fish known as Koura.

Overview progress of Right Hand plinth – buttress support.

Plan view of downstream reinforced rockfill placement.

Workers placing, tying and welding the steelworks for the Reinforced Rockfill.

Worker welding steelwork into the anchor bars on the Reinforced Rockfill.

Upstream view of the starter dam and left hand plinth.

Upstream view of the site, Reinforced Rockfill and Culvert in view.