January 2021

Reinforced Rockfill Placement up to culvert level

Overview of embankment fill and reinforced rockfill.

General overview of the reinforced rockfill, embankment fill, and Right Hand Abutment (view from top of spillway.

Embankment fill.

Progress overview, looking upstream (filling reinforced rockfill)

Reinforced rockfill and embankment filling (up to layer 8)

Overview of the whole dam footprint (view from Left Hand Side)

Completed Starter Dam

Overview of the whole dam footprint.

Progress Overview, looking downstream.

Right Hand plinth void progress.

Top view of the whole dam footprint.

Reinforced rockfill.

Upstream view of completed Starter Dam and concrete pour in Right Hand plinth void

Right Hand plinth void.

Reinforced rockfill placement – busy work area.