March 2021

Welding face mesh on downstream reinforced rockfill layer.

Placing 3B bulk fill material in downstream of the Embankment

Left Hand abutment foundation treatment (shotcrete) in upstream third of embankment.

Preparing Right Hand plinth structural concrete.

Spillway Flip bucket foundation abutment – drilling anchor hole for temporary slope protection.

Pouring Concrete with helicopter in Microwave Repeater Tower Foundation.

Placing 2B filter material immediately downstream of starter dam in upstream third Embankment foundation.

Lifting concrete with helicopter for Microwave Repeater Tower Foundation concrete pour.

Overview of the whole embankment footprint, looking downstream.


Placing 3P drainage material in the middle section of the embankment.

Compacting 2B filter material against starter dam plinth.

Embankment filling progress. The 3P drainage layer in the middle section is completed and 3B bulk fill material are being place.

Upstream third Embankment filling progress.

View from upstream. 3P drainage layer reached up to culvert level in upstream third of embankment.

Right Hand plinth progress. Site concrete completed and Drilling commenced at the top of the plinth. 24m of Structural concrete completed.

Downstream Overview. Reinforced Rockfill reached up to layer 19 (approx. RL166.4)

First layer of hand-made kerb being place on top of starter dam plinth and place 2B against Left Hand abutment foundation defect area.

Overview of spillway progress, preparing section 17 foundation and Flip bucket foundation excavation completed.