Build May 2020

Breakfast before work at 6am in 1°C to recognise exceptional safety performance with no injuries to date on the project (500 days). Well done Fulton Hogan and Taylors.
Forming the culvert.
Pouring concrete for culvert construction. Parts of this culvert will have a concrete thickness of 1.6m. Currently pouring 200 to 300 m3 of concrete a week (40-60 truck-loads).
Background: Pouring concrete in the culvert. Foreground: Excavating for the spillway.

Covid-19 Level 3 progress, following Level 4 lockdown:

Left-hand side plinth construction progress.
Diversion culvert concreting in progress.
Preparing Culvert Section 3.
Excavators removing material from the alignment of the Spillway.
Left-hand abutment with overburden largely removed.