May 2021

Welding reinforced rockfill face.

View from downstream.

Upstream view, showing progress on concrete face kerb reaching approx.RL159m.

Foundation treatment (spraying shotcrete) in left-hand abutment embankment foundation.

Slipforming progress in spillway section 14 wall base.

Foundation treatment (spraying shotcrete) in right-hand abutment embankment foundation.

Embankment filling progress – View from right-hand abutment.

Placing concrete face kerb.

General overview, looking upstream.

Spillway flip bucket anchor installation progress.

Spillway progress.

Downstream face and Spillway.

General Overview.

General overview, view from right-hand abutment.

View from top of spillway cut.

Spillway flip bucket foundation – steel fixing and mass concrete pour at downstream end.

General overview of the whole embankment footprint.

Overview of spillway.

Spillway flip bucket foundation – steel fixing and boxing formwork for mass concrete pour.

Embankment filling progress at the end May – downstream reinforced rockfill reach approx 28m above the ground level.

Downstream reinforced rockfill progress.

Top of spillway excavation progress.

Concrete face kerb reaching approx. RL164m.