November 2021

Preparing spillway section 17 floor.

Left hand side concrete face progress.

Slip forming in spillway section 17 floor.

Placing 3D material in downstream face of embankment.

Pouring the last section of the left hand plinth.

Downstream view.

General overview of embankment and upper spillway work area.

Lower spillway progress.

Upstream view of embankment, looking downstream.

Downstream view of embankment and spillway.

Top view of the whole dam footprint.

Upstream view of embankment.

Overview spillway progress.

Lower spillway cut-off wall and plunge pool excavation progress.

Pouring the last kerb of the embankment at the crest.

Pouring the last kerb on the embankment.

Downstream view of embankment , looking upstream.

Overview of spillway.