October 2020

Over view of Right-Hand abutment, downstream reinforced rockfill foundation, spillway.

Drilling anchor holes on Left-hand side downstream anchor slab bench.

Pouring concrete in section B lift 2.

Downstream anchor slab bench excavation.

Pouring site concrete in Starter dam section A.

Overview of Left-hand abutment, downstream anchor slab and spillway.

Overview of Right-hand abutment, culvert, and spillway cut.

Overview of Right-hand abutment, downstream reinforced rockfill foundation, spillway work area.

Overview of Downstream anchor slab work area and spillway excavation (looking downstream).

RH Plinth defect void.

Right-hand plinth and upstream starter dam view.

Starter dam progress.

Pouring Site concrete on spillway section 14.

Pouring concrete in starter dam section B, lift 1.

Reinforced rockfill foundation cleaning.

Starter Dam progress.

Spillway section 13 and 14 progress.

Spillway section 14 foundation preparation.