October 2021

General overview, looking downstream.

Downstream face of the embankment.

Kerb placement.

Upper spillway foundation progress.

Overview of embankment filling.

Slipforming in spillway flip bucket floor.

Top view of the whole embankment, looking upstream.

Top view the whole work area, looking downstream.

Concrete pour progress on Embankment concrete face starter slab.

Concrete pour progress on embankment concrete face starter slab.

Downstream view of embankment and lower spillway.

Spillway flip bucket construction progress.

Concrete pour progress on left hand side embankment concrete face starter slab.

Downstream view embankment and spillway.

General overview, looking upstream.

General overview.

Lower spillway progress, looking upstream.

Slope stabilization work on upper spillway cut.

Upper spillway progress, looking upstream.

Upstream view of embankment.

Downstream view of lower spillway.

View from top of spillway cut.

Lower spillway progress.