Emergency Action Plan

The Waimea Community Dam has been designed to be highly resilient but an element of our Health and Safety programme includes an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Part of being a responsible dam owner is to develop and test emergency plans. Good ongoing procedures and processes allows issues to be identified and resolved before they become emergencies.

The Waimea Community Dam EAP ensures people are trained in what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency at the dam and the co-ordination of all actions. The EAP addresses a range of potential scenarios and provides pre-planned actions to keep people safe if in the highly unlikely event that a breach of the dam causes a flood.

The Waimea Community Dam EAP is prepared in accordance with the New Zealand Dam Safety Guidelines 2015, with input from our contractors and consultants, Civil Defence, New Zealand Police, Tasman District Council, and the other emergency services.

After the dam is commissioned in 2022, the EAP will be in place for the life of the dam, with reviews scheduled every five years and any updates then made if necessary.

Key EAP components:

  • Preparation: monitoring any incoming flows into the dam to provide advance warning of possible floods. Setting up reporting and co-ordination plans with NZ Police and Civil Defence.
  • Activation: how issues are identified and responses begun.
  • Response: a contact flowchart and plan for who does what to respond to the issues.
  • Monitoring: when and how monitoring is undertaken.
  • Notification/warnings: In the highly unlikely event that an emergency is declared (often even then only as a precaution), maps showing which areas might flood are used to implement emergency services’ evacuation plans.

Click here for a printable version of the EAP Fact Sheet and FAQ