Health and safety

As a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) operating in a construction environment, Waimea Water Ltd will be a leader in health and safety management, ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

“No task is too important or so urgent as to preclude health and safety.”

We are committed to a culture that creates personal accountability for and a relentless focus on health and safety as part of the way we do things. We will do this through:

  • the Board and management modelling behaviours that they expect from our staff and contractors
  • establishing best practice health and safety behaviours in the field and in the office environment, monitoring adherence to these practises and taking immediate corrective actions, if required
  • ensuring that WWL and those who are working for WWL meet all health, safety and environmental regulatory obligations
Measurable outcome

Every person employed, contracted, involved or in contact with WWL’s activities has a right to be protected from health and safety risks and to come under no adverse harm as a result of being associated with the project or the activities of the company.

We consider New Zealand Health and Safety legislation and international dam safety guidelines as minimum standards and will apply a relentless focus on health and safety continuous improvement. The commissioning and transition to operation of the dam will be undertaken to achieve world-class operational safety performance.

Our annual outcomes for health and safety include the following:

Corporate health and safety
  • Development and deployment of a Wellbeing Score
  • Development and implementation of an annual Health and Safety Management Plan
Project construction health and safety
  • An agreed percentage of compliance evidenced in H&S audits
  • An agreed percentage of incidents are investigated, reported, actions assigned and closed out within 2 weeks
  • Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR), Lost Time Injuries (LTI) and Near Miss Incidents (NMI) reported to WWL on a rolling twelve month basis
  • Percentage of completed wellbeing surveys
  • Quarterly audit compliance score from FHTJV
  • Percentage of incidents investigated, reported, actions assigned and closed out within 2 weeks
  • Number of injuries measured by TRIFR

As part of our Health and Safety programme we have developed an Emergency Action Plan. Click here to read more.