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Our sustainability vision

Sustainability is at the heart of our project and organisation objectives. Our vision is to construct and operate the Waimea Community Dam to the highest affordable sustainability standards. We will benchmark ourselves against best practices for delivering sustainable infrastructure in New Zealand and in the context of the United National Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability includes both social and environmental elements and these underpin the project from conception, design and planning, through to construction and operation. As the organisation is still in the early months, we will develop our Environment and Sustainability Plan to embed these considerations in everything we do and provide this to the community.

Measurable outcomes

The decision to invest in the Waimea Community Dam is a strategic response to the challenges of climate change and the need for adaptation: rising sea levels, more storm events and droughts in our region. Our dam has resilience, as well as safe and efficient maintenance and operation designed into it. In building a future-proofed dam, we are providing the opportunity for hydro generation: an activity outside of our Company purpose but a capability which will enable Tasman District Council to take forward clean energy opportunities.

We recognise social outcomes are strongly related to environmental and economic outcomes and that a prosperous economy leads to good social and cultural outcomes. We will work collaboratively with Ngāti Koata to respect and integrate Iwi cultural values in caring for our environment and in doing so raise community awareness of environmental responsibility. We will take the opportunity to engage local community groups and particularly schools in the understanding of how the dam works, the importance of water to our community and the role the dam will play in river health.

In summary, we aim to achieve more than just compliance but to seize the opportunity to maximise the societal benefits from this investment and raise community awareness of environmental and sustainability needs.

Target areas
  • We will comply with Resource Consent Conditions, including the requirement to relocate rare native species, enhance lowland areas (e.g. the lower reaches of the Waimea River and native areas of Rabbit Island), considering advice from the Biodiversity Technical Advisory Group (BTAG)
  • We will remediate the site, including the planting of native species and leave enhanced road infrastructure at completion of the dam construction
  • We will develop an Environment and Sustainability Plan optimising sustainability in our project and operations
  • We will collaborate with our supply chain to minimise carbon emissions and waste. This will be defined in detail through both our Environment and Sustainability Plan and our contractor’s plans
  • We will develop and deliver a Tree Management and Carbon Offsetting Plan to target sustainability and biodiversity priorities
  • We will seek strong and active engagement with our communities and stakeholders to encourage sustainability awareness, project outcomes and the ongoing support of the Communication Advisory Group will help us to achieve this
  • 100% compliance with resource consents
  • Achievement of the Environment and Sustainability Plan milestones
  • Achievement of the Tree Management & Carbon Offsetting Plan milestones
  • Effective engagement with the BTAG – satisfaction index
  • Effective engagement with the CAG – satisfaction index
  • Achievement of our Sustainability Communications and Engagement Plan milestones